Mund & Fester Hull Insurance

From maritime vessels to hydraulic construction

In the field of maritime and domestic shipping, hull-breach, fire and collision are unnerving scenarios and frequently lead to high costs and losses. For the protection and security of our customers and partners, it is our task to offer dependable insurance-solutions for maritime, domestic and sport-shipping.

Our product spectrum includes comprehensive hull-insurance, liability insurance and Loss of Hire, and is generally based on German, English, or Norwegian conditions. In addition, we also develop individual coverage-concepts for shipyard-risk (ship-building and repair liability insurance) as well as the challenging risks in the field of hydraulic-engineering.


We insure everything that floats.

This includes not only domestic and maritime vessels sailing the world’s seas, or the fleet of German sport and leisure boats. Anywhere where there is ramming, drilling or digging near water, on hydraulic construction sites, in shipyards and harbours, the insuring of floating equipment is a highly sensitive matter.

Protection and risk must be carefully determined in coordination with technical experts in their various fields, taking into account variables in hydrography, meteorology, geology and hydrology. Each construction site, shipping fleet or shipyard risk-situation brings with it new challenges and a gaining of knowledge for our comprehensive-insurance experts at Mund & Fester, who particularly appreciate the collaboration on-site with colleagues and experts.

Hydraulic Filling of the JadeWeserPort- Wilhelmshaven

The hydraulic filling of the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven in 2008: The use of a modern cutter suction dredger- for the filling of an area equivalent to 400 football-fields, 12,000 cubic meters of sand-water mixture per hour are set into motion. The use of this specialized, 104-meter long apparatus with three dredging-pumps, demands most extraordinary caution.

Unpredicted changes in the weather would necessitate an immediate evacuation of the construction area and securing of the equipment.
The careful analysis of water currents, the influence of ebb and flow, and the gathering of data for the most exact forecasts of weather are prerequisite for the preparation of an individualized concept for coverage. For special cases such as this, there are no statistical models. What counts here is expert know-how and experience.

The history of hull insurance- “Casco”

The tradition of “casco”- hull insurance- is a long one. Ships were insured long before even the invention of the steam engine. Mund & Fester is dedicated to honouring this long tradition in which hull-insurance, as a niche segment, has established itself as an indispensable element. Establishing long term customer-loyalty, through unconditional professionalism and integrity, is of prime importance to us. As leading underwriting agents, we have, for decades, put ourselves at the disposal of our business partners with expertise, competency and service, especially in the event of a claim.

The painting by Joachim Bereuter, exclusively painted for Mund & Fester, which hangs in our headquarters, expresses this attitude in a nutshell: A three-masted vessel resting on a solid foundation- in the foreground, a portrait of Jules Fester in the book of experience; in the background, Hamburg’s port as a gateway to the world, under a promising blue sky.