We insure cargo.

Mund & Fester insures goods of all kinds worldwide. With all forms of transport, and to all storage facilities, under German and international conditions and, where necessary, in consideration of local programs. The insurance coverage is tailor-made to the type of cargo being transported. One point of focus is commodities: For example, grain, feed, fertilizer, seed, oils, fats, steel, etc., either in bulk or breakbulk/bagged or containerized for our international and German customers, and, where appropriate, under the auspices of international contracts like GAFTA and FOSFA.

A further point of focus is fruit, vegetables and rice, with coverage extensions in the form of refrigeration and time- clauses; of particular interest to our exporters in South America and the Far East. After acquirement and analysis of all relevant parameters, cargos that carry an acute risk of theft, such as copper, tobacco and alcohol, are insured with a coherent policy.

Land vehicle insurance

Through our experience with the comprehensive coverage of sea and river-going vessels, we are well acquainted with the field of insurance for land vehicles. Analogous to technical insurance, this includes mechanical breakdown and consequential loss, and is particularly interesting for rail-vehicles, port-terminals, industrial and agricultural machinery as well as for “Truck and Trailer” coverage.

Transport Liability

We insure the liability of logistics-service providers such as forwarding agents and freight carriers, particularly middle-sized service providers and port operations in harbours.

Our cargo “crew”

The industry expertise of our cargo department is specific, and of unmeasurable value in competently judging the insurance needs pertaining to the transport of fragile goods such as blueberries, lychees, coffee, tea or cocoa.

Developing a tailor-made policy often demands creativity, insight, a lot of know-how and a bit of instinct. It often leads our agents to leave their desks and get out into the “field”- the vendors warehouses- closely in contact with, or accompanied by leading experts in their field. Such visits are both enjoyable and essential, as the determination of risk is always unique.

Cherries “just in time...”

When a customer requires a “precision landing”, things can get quite exciting!

When, for example, a ship is carrying a load of cherries worth 100 million dollars, and needs to get them to a Chinese port in time for the Chinese New Year, the hearts of even experienced professionals beat faster. At times, they will be following the ship’s every move on radar.
But by then, the work of the cargo-specialists at Mund & Fester will have been completed, the cargo well insured, less the result of actuarial calculation than of subtle expertise.


Mund & Fester remains true to its principles and those include not offering insurance on weapons, or animals for slaughter.

These ethical guidelines, the solid foundation upon which Mund & Fester is built, are absolutely in accord with the private consumer-behaviour of our cargo experts, who are most familiar with the terms Organic and Fair-Trade. Happily, the company’s director shares this approach.

Freedom and Weekends

The underwriting pros at Mund & Fester enjoy no unconditional time off. After all, problems with, for example, the loading of cargo, can arise at any time and in any time-zone. Our team knows how to contact the appropriate experts in practically every corner of the globe, who can monitor a situation where and when it occurs.

The knowledge of, and proximity to precious cargo represent the extra value for which Mund & Fester stands.

And: “We always make decisions on our own.” Our agents are given the freedom to take initiative and bear responsibility. Freedom which gives them incentive and assurance.